Tax time is where all the planning and hard work PAYS OFF... Or lack there of could COST dearly.

How Can We Reduce Your Tax Burden?
Tax law is dynamic and ever changing. Whether tax law dictates our habits or our habits dictate tax law, one thing is certain: Taxes are a fact of small business life. You can attempt to do it yourself and miss out on key tax breaks and incentives. Or worse, risk being audited by the IRS. At SM Stevens we work hard to reduce your tax burden and keep more money in your pocket.

We Can Help!
With our clients in mind, we try and foresee changes in future tax law. Even though we can't see the future, our years of experience help your business be better prepared. Many small business owners attempt to handle this - sometimes monumental - task on their own and often find themselves "picking up the pieces" later. Penalties and late fees often exceed the tens of thousands of dollars and the constant prodding from the IRS creates added tension and pressure atop an already stressful financial situation.

We Will Help!
Avoid negative situations entirely with a number of our financial management products custom tailored to your needs. You pay for the services you need and not a penny more. SM Stevens incorporates a "Total System" solution to your payroll, bookkeeping and tax needs.

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