Bookkeeping is a major cog in your businesses financial health. Accuracy and accessibility to up to date information is key. SM Stevens offers a wide variety of services to keep your business moving forward.

SM Stevens offers a comprehensive line-up of products and services:

  • Balance Sheet
    Necessary to get a loan and establish credit with financial institutions and suppliers and vendors.

  • Operating Statement
    Gives a clear, concise picture of the profit and loss for the month as well as for the year-to-date. The percentages provide a management tool for controlling your business.

  • Detailed General Ledger
    Provides detailed analysis of all entries made to all accounts each month.

  • Journal Entry and Check Register
    Lists all entries made for sales, cash receipts and check disbursements in an organized and easy to follow manner.

  • Bank Reconciliation
    Provides you with a correct cash balance each month, advising you of any adjustments or corrections so you know you are always using correct figures.

  • Payroll Register
    Lists all payments to all employees and contractors. This is the basis for all tax reports: W2's and 1099's at the end of the year.

  • Additional Services
    Comparative financial statements - monthly comparison of budget to prior year. Payroll check writing - preparation of payroll checks for employees. Accounts receivable - balance forward or open item statements can be prepared.

    SM Stevens can provide your company with financial statements that work. We Guarantee results.

    Fees are based on the specific want and needs of your business. You get what you need and you don't pay for what you don't need guaranteed.

    Ask about our special offers and general fee information!

    *Not all products may be needed or available.
    *Some services may require combined services or bundles.

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